Events for 2015

March 26-31, 2015
Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, Mount Hermon, CA
Topic: "Reaching Readers through the Public Library Market"

May 7, 2015, 10:00 a. m.


Bethany Baptist Church MOPS, Puyallup, WA

Topic: “Cuddle Time: Sharing Books with Young Children”




Speaking Topics

 Judy enjoys sharing messages of hope and encouragement through her speaking as well as her writing. Her main audiences include chronic illness support organizations, women’s groups, parents & educators, and writers. Below are some of Judy’s most requested topics.

To schedule Judy as a speaker, please send her a message.

Chronic Illness
Parents & Educators


Chronic Illness

Roller Coaster Living
Many chronic illnesses such as lupus and fibromyalgia are cyclical in nature—you feel fine one day and ill the next. Judy shares ways to navigate the roller coaster of chronic illness.

Thriving…Not Just Surviving
Tips for coping with the challenges and limitations of illness.

Stretcher Bearers
Moving beyond, “call me if you need anything,” this workshop offers practical tips for ministering to those who are ill.




God’s Story…My Story
There is only one story that matters for time and eternity: the story God is writing in your life. But what if our lives seem to resemble a badly written novel? Judy shares tips for trusting in the Author of our lives and seeing His plan in our life experiences.

Hope for the Journey
The loss of a loved one. Illness. Financial burdens. How do we keep even a glimmer of hope alive? Judy shares three ways to nurture hope in times of crisis.

Women Traveling Life Solo
Roadblocks. Potholes. Detours. Life can be a treacherous journey for all of us. But for the 51% of women living alone (never married, widowed, or divorced), the road includes unique twists and long desolate stretches of highway. Judy addresses topics such as loneliness, unmet needs, making decisions, and dealing with the practical issues of living alone.



Parents & Educators

At Home in the Library
Tips for using the public library’s wealth of resources, programs, and services available to homeschoolers.

Cuddle Time: Sharing Books with Young Children
The love of reading is one of the most important gifts you can give your child. In this workshop we’ll explore how to choose the best books for young children and tips for reading aloud.

Great Faith in Fiction Reads for Children Ages 8-12
Christian fiction titles that appeal to even the most reluctant readers.

Great Faith in Fiction Reads for Teens
Cool Christian fiction reads for teens.




Drive-by Signings & Other Adventures of a Reluctant Marketer
Publishers expect authors to take an active role in promoting their books. But what if the thought of “book promotion” makes you break out in a sweat? Join a reformed reluctant marketer as we explore practical and relatively painless ways to connect with readers.

From Idea to Bookshelf
An overview of the book publishing process from an author’s perspective. (two hours; can be broken into smaller segments)

Public Libraries: An Untapped Market
Join a veteran public librarian as we explore how to connect with libraries—in your neighborhood and throughout the country, how to “Dress for Success”—presenting you and your books in a “library-friendly” manner, and how to partner with libraries for author events and writers’ workshops. Judy will also provide you with a glimpse inside the public library’s selection/ordering process, and discuss some of the trends in library purchasing

Writing to Comfort and Encourage
How do we about painful topics in a way that offers hope to others? What is the difference between writing as therapy vs. writing that offers encouragement? Judy presents eight tips for creating writing that offers encouragement and hope—even in the midst of life’s most difficult circumstances.



What others are saying:

"Judy Gann has a way about her that instantly makes you feel at ease. Her presentations are filled with helpful information, encouraging words and challenges that cause personal growth. She shares from her heart and her heart is beautiful!"
Nancy Shaffer, Women’s Ministry Director

“Judy Gann is an excellent workshop presenter. She knows her subject well, is warm and personable, and has the ability to encourage others to take the next step forward. We will certainly invite her to teach again."
Maxine Marsolini, Program Coordinator, Oregon Christian Writers